Taking a cue from former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, Oakland A’s catcher Bruce Maxwell took a knee tonight during the National Anthem before the start of their baseball game against the Texas Rangers in Oakland, California. Maxwell has become the first major league baseball player to kneel during the national anthem.

A’s Bruce Maxwell just took a knee during anthem. He is the first in #MLB to do it. @sfchronicle @SFGate #baseball #Oakland #athletic… […]

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Donald Trump took a break from his tweets about the NFL and the NBA to continue his dragging of North Korea. He first mentioned Iran’s test-firing of a ballistic missile and then goes on to complain about how they are working with North Korea. He punctuated the tweet with “Not much of an agreement we have!”

Iran just test-fired a Ballistic Missile capable of reaching Israel.They are also working with North Korea.Not much of an agreement we have!
— Donald J. Trump… […]

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They’re definitely back. The Will & Grace gang wasted no time at the Tribeca TV Festival before jumping into the present and taking a swipe at Donald Trump — just as quickly and easily as they seem to have fallen back into old their roles.
David Kohan, asked how he’d react if Trump called him “a son of a bitch” — that’s how the president referred to Colin Kaepernick last night — the W&G co-creator said without a beat, “I guess I would rather be a son of a bitch than the… […]

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Before performing a medley of his classic hits like “Higher Ground,” “Signed, Sealed, Delivered I’m Yours,” and “Overjoyed,” at the Global Citizen Festival, Stevie Wonder made a passionate speech about unity saying, “It is only through life we can make life happen through ourselves and each other.” He added, “Our global brothers and sisters, I didn’t come here to preach, but I’m telling you, our spirits must be in the right place all the time.”
After encouraging everyone… […]

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Add the 2017 NCAA basketball champion North Carolina Tar Heels to the list of teams that will not be heading to the Trump White House.
A story in the Charlotte Observer newspaper today said that although the team was invited and willing to go, it “couldn’t find a date that worked for both parties,” according to Steve Kirschner, the team spokesman. “We tried about eight or nine dates and we couldn’t work out that date, so – we would have liked to have gone, but not going.”… […]

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Sony cameras

It was just about a year ago that I reviewed the Sony RX10 Mark III for another publication. I was impressed then and even more impressed now. That’s because this update adds the a9 image processing to a compact body already chock full of Sony’s tech.
If you consider the camera for more than the specs and where it sits in the marketplace, it’s another marvel of miniaturization. The third update increases the zoom from 200mm to 600mm, and the fourth update makes this camera unique for all that it can do. As I observed during the launch, the RX10 Mark […]

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Canon EOS C700
We’re taking a look back at some of the new products we got to check out at NAB 2017. We’ve since had a chance to review a number of them hands-on since this article appeared in print, so look for the links throughout this article.
The National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Show in Las Vegas is a massive, sprawling affair each April that brings together nearly every manufacturer in the broadcast and cinema worlds. Product cycles are planned around NAB, and there are new products at every turn. We certainly didn’t have time to look at every new release, […]

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“I think we have this profound misrepresentation around personal films being small,” said Cecilia Aldarondo, one of three filmmakers of personal docs who spoke at IFP Week 2017. The panel was called “When the Personal Gets Political and the Political Gets Personal.” In the case of all three filmmakers’ films, they’re both. “I’ve gotten so many responses from potential funders of people who think that way. They hear ‘personal’ and they hear ‘small.’ They think it won’t have an audience. With these projects, I think we’ve demonstrated that’s not the case. If we’re dealing with questions of social change and […]

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David Gordon Green finds it difficult to focus on one type of project at any given time, and as a result, frustrates his agents in working out how to market him. But the Arkansas-born, South Carolina-based writer/ director, whose diverse filmography includes early aughts independent standouts like All The Real Girls and George Washington as well as mainstream hits like Pineapple Express, is okay with that — so long as he is aggressively working on projects that he is both passionate about and that challenge him. Opening today in theaters is his modestly-budgeted drama Stronger, which depicts the true story […]

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If there’s a common thread that runs through any truly original work, it’s this: The creators saw something that wasn’t in the world, so they created it themselves. You hear that a lot in independent films. You also hear it, increasingly, in TV now too. The lines separating cinema and television are getting blurrier. For further proof, witness Julie Klausner’s appearance at IFP Week 2017. Klausner is the creator of Difficult People, which is not a movie but a hit TV show on Hulu. But the way she approached her TV show sounds a lot the way indie filmmakers talk […]

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When I arrived at CIFF in 2012, I was attending the Points North Forum Pitch, which runs concurrently with the festival and is the centerpiece of a weekend of panels and discussions. I came to Maine from Los Angeles, a first-time director who somehow couldn’t get the last four union days to join Local 728 and thus decided that shooting my own film would be a perfect antidote to hearing my buddies brag about the shows they worked on, shows that, finally, their friends had heard of. I perfectly remember the anxiety I felt when I arrived. Everyone knew each other, nobody stood alone […]

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So you’ve made a film. Congrats. But you’re not out of the woodwork yet. You may never be. The four filmmakers and one producer who appeared on the IFP Week panel called “On Working (and Staying) in Indie Film Today” had vastly different stories to tell about how they turned movie-making into an actual job. The biggest name on the panel was Gillian Robespierre. Having directed and co-written the indie hits Obvious Child and this summer’s Landline, she has more stability than most in her field, having parlayed those successes into TV work on top of a future making her […]

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